1. Presentation Title: Computationally Light “Multi-Speed” Atomic Memory

    OPODIS16 ,15/12/2016

  2. Presentation Title: Evaluating Reliability Techniques in the Master-Worker Paradigm

    NCA2016 ,01/11/2016

  3. Presentation Title: CoVer-ability: Consistent Versioning in Asynchronous, Fail-Prone, Message-Passing Environments

    NCA2016 ,01/11/2016

  4. Presentation Title: Oh-RAM! One and a Half Round Read/Write Atomic Memory

    PODC2016 ,01/07/2016

  5. Presentation Title: Making “Fast” Atomic Operations Computationally Tractable

    International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems (OPODIS15) ,16/12/2015

  6. Presentation Title: Emulating Highly Consistent Shared Storage on top of Unreliable Message-Passing Nodes

    IMDEA Colloquium ,25/02/2015