The traits that the fellow is expected to improve as a result of the project can be clasiffied in three main pillars: (i) Academic, (ii) Management, and (iii) Networking. The table below presents the three pillars and provides a breakdown bulleting summary of the training activities that are planned to be executed throughout the project under each pillar.


Academic Management Networking

  • On Distributed Computing and Networking
  • Areas related to the main research topic
  • New areas that members of IMDEA are working on
  • Preparation of Research Manuscripts

Grant Writing Skills

  • Collaborate with Members of the Institute to prepare grant proposals


  • IMDEA Colloquia
  • Dissemination Venues

Development / Coding Skills

  • Implementation of proposed Algorithms
  • Deployment of algorithms in Planetary Scale Network Platforms
  • Development and release of a prototype system

Supervising Skills

  • Through guidance of interns, Master and Ph.D. Students

Professional Committees

  • Involvement in Program Committees of well established Conferences in the Area of Distributed Computing and Networking
  • Serve as an ad-hoc reviewer
Preparation of Reports
Management of the Budget of the Project
Organisation of seminars / workshops
Weekly Meetings with SC
Strong Collaboration bonds with Members of the IMDEA
Meet and collaborate with Industrial Partners

  • Introduce our algorithms to Industrial Partners for potential integration on their systems

Meet and collaborate with Academic partners
Meet and collaborate with Partners in Grant Writing